Webroot Safe Antivirus

What is Webroot?

Webroot is now one of the major software vendors of computer security products that provide its services to individuals, small to large business organizations, education institutions, and more. The company’s biggest achievement is its first automated spyware research system, Phileas.

How much does webroot cost?

Webroot costs $79.99 a year for support up to 5 devices, while the basic plan costs $19.95 for the Spyware Sweeper, which is just an addition to the already existing antivirus plan. The standard plan costs $29.95 for all the features you need. Download webroot from www.webroot.com/safe using 20 digit code.

Benefits of installing webroot antivirus

  1. Very fast and lightweight – takes just 6 seconds to install, requires very little space
  2. Excellent protection against malware, and able to decrypt ransomware
  3. User-friendly central interface to manage multiple devices

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